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“What adds taste to life is how you live it and how you make use of every passing moment. Join us, let’s add flavor to your life.”

  • Quality Standards Registered ISO9001 At The Year 2006
  • 2017,2018 Best Quality Service Award
  • NR1 2017 OutstandingAchievement Award
  • Power FM 2018 Quality & Entertainment Award
  • 2018 Best Party and Festival Management Award
  • 2017 Best Event and Concert Management Award
  • 2018 Outsource Security Award
  • 2017, 2018, 2019 JOLLY TOUR Tourism Award
  • 2016, 2017, 2018 CLYIPSO Best Tourism Partner Award


  Areena Group was founded in 2004 by businessman Kamil ISSI. Starting with Club Areena and continuing with Pardise Island Beach, Shimal Hotel & Resistance, Sandberg Cafe, Monte Beach Resort Hotel, Royal Cave Cappadocia Hotel and Areena DUBAI, Areena Group  has based its working principle on quality service and customer satisfaction and has become one of the leading companies in Turkey. As Areena Group, the company that has achieved many successes in the Entertainment and Tourism sector in Turkey, we want to show these achievements in our projects that we will realize around the world.


Operating in the entertainment industry since 2004, Club Areena is one of Turkey’s leading nightclubs.

In the night club with a capacity of 3000 people, we provide quality and unlimited entertainment services 7 days a week between 19:00 / 04:30 with our distinguished staff of more than 250.

Theatrical lounge Club Areena, has been operating successfully now for 18 years. Club Areena is the leading venue, for fine dining – entertainment. 

250 employees, 25.000.000 US $ turnover

Club Areena’s doors are open seven days of the week for prime guest’s with amazing shows and concerts. 

At theatrical lounge club areena While burning in flames next second, you can be shocked by co2 -20 degrees in the blink of an eye, you can see everything in your hand fly into the air as if you are in the middle of a hurricane with hurricane masters, and you can witness water shows that make you feel like you get caught to heavy rain and thunder. 

You will experience the fun to the fullest with fascinating fire and dance shows, DJ performance, light shows and VJ shows.

Club Areena is a registered trademark of AREENA INS.TUR.LTD.STI with his quality standards registered ISO9001 at the year 2006.

1. There is a stage & DJ booth

2. At DJ booth: 

  •      A. 3 DJ’s 
  •      B. 1  MC – vocal 
  •      C. 1 Light jokey 
  •      D. 1 Video jokey 
  •      E. 1 Laser effect jokey 
  •      F.  1 Cabin chef

3. Entertainment team & effects:  

  • A. Dancers 
  • B. Acrobats
  • C. Scriptwriter writer 
  • D. Moving heads 
  • E. Blinders & strobes 
  • F. Co2 cannons 
  • G. Fire cannons 
  • H. Sparkle machines 
  • I. Lasers 
  • J. Led screensK. Confetti. cannons 
  • L. Snowmachineses 
  • M. Foam machines
  • N. Smoke machines
  • O. Low laying fog machines
  • P.  Sound effect systems
  • R. Line arrays
  • S. Main speaker systems
  • T. Haze and watermicronise systems. 
  • U. Motion controlled  truss systems 
  • V. Monster projections & video shows

4. Events and show planner

  •     A. Live concerts 
  •     B. Dj events
  •     C. Hosting of fame’s influencers, magazine

5. Operation department 

  •     A.  Represents,  
  •     B. Reservation hunters 
  •     C. Ticket, table sales organizations 
  •     D. Agencies
  •     E. Promoters
  •     F. Guest transfer organizations

6. Metroter quality service controller

7. Chef of the bars for quality service

8. Chef of the kitchen for quality service

9. Chef of the security standard of safety

10.Accounting and financing departments.

11. Bottle sevices to all tables

12. Bottle service special ceremony

13. Complimentary Snake’s and fruit plate

14. Sisha service




Paradise Island Beach, Located 2 miles  in front of Marmaris city. It’s like a lagoon surrounded by high mountains and pine forest. Magnificent nature protection zone. No trafic, no hotels, no commedation, just nature and entertainment. 

The complex of Paradise Island beach has 40 motor yacht Capacity, 2 restaurants, 8 bars, 1 theater, 1 water sports center, 1 after hour beach club, 1 sunbathing pıerdeck, Festival zone Capacity  20.000 people 


2021 summer season visited 30.000 people, 150 employees, Turnover:  15.000.000 usd

The most beautiful beach in the center of Marmaris, a national park surrounded with high mountains and pine forests, crystal clear water beaches, DJ’s & live music, fine dining restaurants, sunset ceremonies, ATV safari to Nimara cave, theatrical shows at main stage, sports activities, fire shows, concerts,  acrobatic dance shows, festivals, events, just 3-5 minutes transportation by speedboats from all over Marmaris city.  

Paradise Island Beach is the biggest attraction point in Marmaris. Early mornings, at lunch, afternoons,  by  the sunset, at evenings, at midnights or after-party hours, always busy with the Bohemian style decorations Paradise Island has marvels atmosphere. 



“Shimal Panaroma Hotel, the address of peace, comfort and quality”

It was established in AKYAKA in 2014 with an investment of 25 million USD.

Villa’s & Residences are technologically up-to-date equipped and well furnished to meet the expectations of high-demanding people. 4 villa’s, 26 residences,  1 fitness, 1 SPA, 2 pools,  1 restaurant, 1 bar, 30 employees.  

Akyaka is a premium class tourism spot in Turkey. Shimal is the Premium hotel of Akyaka Beach. 



When you arrive, spend pleasant moments with the tempting smell of coffee, a perfect ambiance and our friendly service.
Assorts of coffee choices, daily fresh cake’s, sweets served in a stylish way
We take you for a ride in the heart of Marmaris marina with an attractive atmosphere by the river.
Operated 365 days of the year. 500.000 US $ / Year
10 Employees



“Sun, Sea, Nature, Tranquility”

Monte Beach Resort welcomes you with its award-winning services and unique panorama of the Mediterranean and Aegean. We have a kilometer-long crystal Clearwater beach. Surrounded green pine  forest and mountains.

Located at the Yalancı Boğaz bay of Marmaris, our luxury hotel offers lagoon-style pools extending towards the private beach. And the stunning architecture consists of magnificent historical buildings of Gökova.



An authentic holiday, a perfect concept and quality service. Their combination formed the Royal Cave Cappadocia Hotel.

Royal Cave Hotel, 12 Cave Rooms, 5 Kemer Rooms, 1 Honeymoon Cave Suite, 1 Suite Room,

1 Deluxe Suite room, and 1 King Suite.  

 Total of 21 rooms, 1 Restaurant,  

Located at the heart of historical town Ürgüp, Royal Cave Hotel is at the center of the historical Peri Bacaları of Cappadocia.  


Big Question: Why Are We Here?

Our vision:

#Marketing the best possible

#Tiatrical Lounge Club

Dubai is exactly the right place for the world’s best Tiatrical Lounge Club.

Our Mission:

One month after opening;

From 21 to 50, herzegovina will know the name of Club Areena Dubai

Everyone will add going to Club Areena Dubai on their calendar

Everyone will know that Club Areena Dubai is the hottest place in Dubai and the place where entertainment is at its peak.

We are confident that everyone who comes to Club Areena Dubai will be satisfied.

Club Areena Dubai will be one of the reasons many people return to Dubai.

We care about the safety of our customers, as well as entertainment, with no boundaries in service, and we will accompany them until they reach their homes safely.

We are Areena. We make you feel special

  • Daily 5000 visiters
  • At social media: daily up to 5000 media shares richs up to 5 000 000 people from club areena Dubai everyday.
  • Performing artists and dj’s

– Will be performing 22 headliner dj’s from the top dj list of the world

  • will be performing 46 midliner dj’s from the top dj list of the world
  • Will be performing 100 upcoming hot dj’s wiyth popular songs
  • Will be performing 22 world star vocals at stage club areena Dubai

“We are Areena. We make you feel special”

Presenting the best ever shows at club areena Dubai

30 + acrobats; Contortionists, airealists, acrobatic duo- trio, russian bar fly- rolla bolla,bounce juggeling, diablo act, hand balance, hulla hopp, icarean game, gravity dance circus, rollerskates duo, fire trupe, cyr wheel

30+ dancers; gogo dancers, musical shows, stage shows with vocals, tribute shows, ethnic dance shows, capiero shows, fire dancers, led dancers, mind blowing costums and shows along with guests…

•Amazing efect systems, co2 shows, flame shows, led screen media shows, micronised water+ smoke shows, laser shows, beam shows, painting and strobe shows, blinders, hiting sound efect shows, confeti canoons and baloon shows…


New Vision

We develop & create digital music.

We appreciate your trust greatly! Our clients choose us and our products because they know we’re the best.
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What makes us happy

Huge Honor

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